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Born in 1975, Ben Erickson grew up in Minnesota, where he was doodling cars long before he could read and write. In addition to the grand French classics, he has special interest in all things Iso and Maserati, especially the Biturbos and other cars by Alejandro DeTomaso, as well as Swedish and American cars from the challenging years in the 1970s and 1980s when, as Ben says, “They did the best with what they had”. Currently, an AC Cobra MK IV, a Maserati Shamal and an extremely rare Exner-designed 1971 Stutz Blackhawk Series I Padane coupé occupy the garage. Ben is a linguist and fluent in five languages including Finnish. After having been an exchange student to Denmark, Ben Erickson moved from USA in the mid-1990s, and after a brief stay in Finland, time is spent between Denmark and Thailand. He has worked for a number of years in the IT industry, but now works with languages. Time is devoted to music, cars and car shows both in Denmark and abroad.