Glyn and Jean Morris will be in Paris for Retromobile 2018. Jodi Ellis, Dalton Watson's designer, will also attend.  They can be reached at +1 847 274 5874.  Our books will be available for sale at the following book sellers: Hortons, Motors Mania, Gilena International Motorbooks and Editions Palmier.  Some of our authors will also be in attendance, including Gautam Sen and Michael Robinson (The Bertone Collection and Marcello Gandini: Maestro of Design), Peter M. Larsen and Ben Erickson (Talbot-Lago Grand Sport, Saoutchik and The Kellner Affair) and Philippe Grümmer and Laurent Friry (Gaston Grümmer: The Art of Carrosserie).  We look forward to meeting authors, other publishers and our customers there. Click here for the schedule.