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After a 25-year career in international banking based in Amsterdam, San Francisco and New York, Willem Oosthoek is now residing in Weddington, North Carolina with his wife, Laurie. Willem Oosthoek is a lifelong Maserati aficionado. As historian of The Maserati Club in the US he has written numerous articles for its magazine Il Tridente. His articles have also been published in Vintage Motorsport, VintageRacecar Journal, Motor Sport, Prancing Horse, Forza, Cavallino, Der Dreizack and Sports Car International. Oosthoek’s article on Lucky Casner received the 2006 Carl Benz Award from the Society of Automotive Historians [SAH]. He also wrote four books about competition Maseratis, three co-authored with French enthusiast Michel Bollée. Oosthoek’s 2004 book Birdcage to Supercage: The Rear-engined Tipo 63, 64 and 65 Maseratis., and the 2008, Maserati Tipo 60 and 61; The Magnificent Front-engined Birdcages, written with Michel Bolleé, are the defining history of the Maserati Birdcage racing cars. His book on Sports Car Racing in the South, won the Society of Automotive Historians' Cugnot Award in 2012.

Willem Oosthoek is a recognized authority on the subject of competition Maseratis and is often consulted by private owners, museums and auction houses.

His latest book which was published in early 2013 is Sports Car Racing in the South, 1959-1960.

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