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Fit for a King: The Royal Garage of the Shah of Iran Making A Marque Paint It Black
Steve McQueen: In His Own Words The Straight Eight Engine
Dalton Watson Forthcoming Titles

Fit for a King: The Royal Garage of the Shah of Iran
by Borzou Sepasi

In his broad spanning work, Iranian automotive historian Borzou Sepasi traces the history of the royal garage of each Iranian Shah. The book also intertwines many of the historical events in Iran with the cars of the period, highlighting the special role these vehicles played. // READ MORE

Making A Marque: Rolls-Royce Motor Car Promotion 1904-1940
by Peter Moss and Richard Roberts

Dalton Watson Fine Books is pleased to announce a major work on the promotional history of Rolls-Royce motor cars from the company’s beginnings in 1904 to the outbreak of World War II. // READ MORE

Paint It Black: The Story of Don Nichols and Shadow Racing
by John Nikas and Richard Harman

Written with unprecedented access to the company records, private letters, personal notes, renderings, drawings and photo albums that Don Nichols had compiled throughout his life, dozens of personal interviews and exhaustive research into previously unavailable primary source material, Paint it Black provides a compelling account of the true story behind these remarkable racing cars and the individuals that created them. // READ MORE

Steve McQueen: In His Own Words
by Marshall Terrill

Drawn from more than five decades of media coverage, memorabilia and detailed research, this coffee table book serves up the most credible and thought-provoking insights ever spoken by Steve McQueen: 450 quotations directly from ‘The King of Cool.’ // READ MORE

The Straight Eight Engine
Powering the Premium Automobiles of the Twenties and Thirties
by Keith Ray

There has never before been a book specifically about straight eight automobiles. This book is a tribute to the wonderful straight eights. // READ MORE