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Cobra Pilote: The Ed Hugus Story The Kellner Affair Jaguar E-Type Six-Cylinder Originality Guide
Park Ward: The Innovative Coachbuilder The Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith Rudolf Uhlenhaut: Engineer and Gentleman
Steve McQueen: Le Mans in the Rearview Mirror Steve McQueen: In His Own Words Shadow Racing Team
Dalton Watson Forthcoming Titles

The Kellner Affair
by Peter M. Larsen and Ben Erickson

The Kellner Affair tells the fascinating story of how some of the most influential people in the French luxury car business before the War came together and fought bravely against the Nazi occupation force in Paris. // READ MORE

Steve McQueen: LeMans in the Rearview Mirror
by Don Nunley with Marshall Terrill

Let me say it right off the bat: the idea of writing an entire book on the making of Le Mans 45 years after the fact has me somewhat stymied. As it stands, Le Mans is the most discussed, debated, examined and beloved auto racing film of all time. // READ MORE

Jaguar E-Type Six-Cylinder Originality Guide
by Dr. Thomas F. Haddock with Dr. Michael C. Mueller

This is a new book on Jaguar E-type originality, based on a prior work by Dr. Thomas F. Haddock that ran into two editions and several printings. The new book is a result of a collaboration with Dr. Michael C. Mueller, an avid Jaguar E-type collector. // READ MORE

The Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith
by Martin Bennett

This book is a celebration, in its 70th Anniversary year, of the first Rolls-Royce motor car to emerge after World War II, the Silver Wraith. Excluding Experimental cars, the total production of that model amounted to 1,883 cars, with no two exactly alike. // READ MORE

Cobra Pilote, The Ed Hugus Story
by Robert D. Walker

This book primarily takes a close look at the Hugus-Shelby Cobra connection. Carroll Shelby may have had the Cobra dream but it was Hugus who stepped forward and made Shelby's venture a reality. // READ MORE

Rudolf Uhlenhaut: Engineer and Gentleman
by Wolfgang Scheller and Thomas Pollak •
English Translation by Carmen Pollak

This first ever comprehensive biography of Rudolf Uhlenhaut, illustrated with many previously unpublished photographs, depicts his life and technical achievements, presenting a complete compilation of all the patents he filed and exploring their significance. // READ MORE

Shadow Racing Team
by Stephen Page

Shadow was the most prolific American team in Formula One history. From 1973 to 1980, Don Nichols Shadow Racing Team competed in 109 Formula One races - more than the three other teams led by Americans Roger Penske, Parnelli Jones and Ted Field combined. // READ MORE

Park Ward: The Innovative Coachbuilder
by Malcolm Tucker

Dalton Watson Fine Books is pleased to announce a major two volume work on the history and cars of the great British coachbuilder, Park Ward . // READ MORE

Steve McQueen: In His Own Words
by Marshall Terrill

Drawn from more than five decades of media coverage, memorabilia and detailed research, this coffee table book serves up the most credible and thought-provoking insights ever spoken by Steve McQueen: more than 200 quotations directly from ‘The King of Cool.’ // READ MORE