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Andy Saunders grew up in Poole, on the South Coast of England, developing an early relationship with the building and customisation of cars, his first project was finished before he was old enough to hold a British driving license.

Since this first project, the journey to become one of the leading and most recognisable ‘Car Artists’ today materialised. With painstaking attention to detail, all of Saunders' collection over the years has been unique and at times, controversial. With commissions from the film industry, private collectors to leading vehicle manufacturers and recognition with 76 nominations for the Turner Prize, Andy is truly a major player on the scene today. Now the industry’s ‘go-to-guy’ for outlandish custom car projects, Andy Saunders creations have included a car that was just 21 inches tall, a two-seater Mini and a Citroen 2CV inspired by Picasso.

As a young child Andy dreamed of owning a custom car, this dream became a reality when in 1979 at the grand old age of 15, his father gave him his first car. He set about customising the vehicle with his Dad and Bird Puller, his first creation, was born. Now 43 years later, Saunders is a leading authority in the design and build of custom vehicles world-wide.

Dubbed one of the most prolific independent car designers on the scene today, Andy’s work knows no boundaries. His ideas jumping erratically across a number of thoughts and patterns – from concours restorations to mind-blowing designs with an unrivalled eye for detail. Recognised from The Melbourne Motor Show to the BBC’s Top Gear, Andy’s one-off sculptures have certainly seen global success, including one installation receiving 76 nominations for the Turner Prize. Andy’s creativity doesn’t just start and stop with customised vehicle design, a published author and painter also see him hitting the headlines.

Check out Andy's work here: https://www.andysaunders.net/