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Borzou Sepasi was born in 1978 in Tehran. Graduating from Historical Alborz High School and Tehran University, he started working professionally out of high school in the automotive history field, where the majority of his career spent was researching and collecting comprehensive information.

Borzou’s first article was published in the Hamshahri newspaper in 2001. This sparked him to learn about the auto magazine, Machine Magazine. This was a successful connection, as he has been working with Machine Magazine since 2002, writing more than 200 articles for them. Sepasi was awarded as Iran’s No. 1 automobile author in 2008.

In 2012, Borzou published a book called A Pictorial History of Car Advertisements in Iran, which is about import history and car production from 1927 to 1979, written in documentary format. His second book, Iran Royal Garage, was published in 2016, and received the Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot Award, in the “Language Other than English” section by the Society of Automotive Historians.

Fit for a King, The Royal Garage of the Shah of is the fruit of over 18 years of gathering and collecting information and photos of Iran imperial cars.