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Canadian born, he began his professional racing career at age 28, joining the racing team of master Indy Chief Mechanic George Bignotti. In 1969 they, and then rising star, Al Unser were hired by Vel Miletich and Parnelli Jones to form the nucleus of their Indy car team. Since that time until the present, his versatility has enabled him to perform almost every aspect of not only the mechanical requirements of fielding world class racing teams, but the business side as well. A partial list of positions includes Chief Mechanic, General Manager and Formula One Team Manager. When the team disbanded in the early ‘80s and the organization’s new focus was on all types of real estate, he was thrust into a new world. Jimmy helped develop and oversee construction of, among other projects, a housing development, an industrial park and a retail center. In addition, Jimmy has performed almost every task imaginable for the Miletich and Jones families. When the call came to write about some of the racecars that he worked on many years ago, he put his pen to paper and this book is the result.