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Dr. David G. Styles is an aero/auto historian who has published nineteen books to date, mostly automotive histories, winning thirty international awards along the way. His first award was the coveted (US) Society of Automotive Historians Cugnot Award for his first major book, As Old As The Industry – Riley, described as: “The best book on automotive history published in 1982”. He later won an Award of Distinction from the same society for his second Riley car history, Sporting Rileys – The Forgotten Champions. The International Automotive Media Conference has, over twelve years, bestowed eight Gold Medals on Dr. Styles for his writing, editorial and illustrative works. David Styles’s Dalton Watson publications also include writing Alfa Romeo – The Legend Revived and editing Voyage of the Damned and Enola Gay – Mission to Hiroshima.

David came into writing during a career in the automotive Industry and continued writing and editing as he entered the world of higher education.

Today, he is a lecturer in the field of automotive technology and continues to write automotive articles and papers and lecture on historical topics. He was for six years editor of the Riley Register Bulletin and editor of the Vintage Motor Cycle for eighteen years.

Dr. Styles has also written many articles and papers for presentation on aviation subjects. He is a Vice-President of Naval Eight/208 Squadron Association (RAF) and is that association’s Newsletter Editor/Historian.

Recently, he was appointed Volunteer Aviation Historian to the California State Military Museum.

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