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Born in 1966, in Melbourne, Australia, Branko Radovinovic came across a Panini card featuring a blue Lamborghini Countach when he was nine years old, which looked like nothing else, and exerted a magical attraction on him. This was the beginning of a lifelong fascination with car design in general and Lamborghini in particular. Through photography, meeting key people and collecting original automobilia, he has gathered an extensive Lamborghini archive. He also writes for the Lamborghini club magazines in Germany and the US, as well as various European car magazines. Branko has always been keen to share his passion for Lamborghini, in which emotions flow from his eye directly into the heart.
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Lamborghini: At the Cutting Edge of Design by Gautam Sen with Branko Radovinovic and Kaare Byberg

This book celebrates the design history of Lamborghini through numerous period reports and previously unpublished images, delving into the extraordinary shapes and the intrepid personalities who made Lamborghini what it is today.