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Jean-Francois Blachette is a long time passionate of the Maserati history and collecting Maserati period photos of the Golden Age. He is president of the Club Maserati France and editor of Modena, the club magazine. Retired from the car industry where he had worked in France for Ford, Volvo, Ferrari and PSA Peugeot-Citroën, he is now craftsman of high quality Maserati models and new author of Maserati books.
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Maserati A6GCS by Walter Baumer and Jean-François Blachette Maserati A6GCS
Walter Bäumer and Jean-François Blachette

Maserati built remarkable racing cars in the 1950s that are highly valued by many drivers in historic racing today. The darling among these cars is the A6GCS.

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