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These Dalton Watson Fine Books' popular titles are currently out of print. Please check with us, as occasionally a very limited number of these titles become available.

  1. Bentley Motors: On The Road Special Edition by Bernard L. King
  2. Berlinetta '50s: Rare Italian Coupes of the Fifties by Xavier De Nombel and Christian Descombes
  3. Delage: France's Finest Car by Daniel Cabart and David Burgess-Wise
  4. Delage Styling and Design, La Belle Voiture Francaise by Richard S. Adatto and Diana E. Meredith
  5. Delahaye by Richard S. Adatto and Diana E. Meredith
  6. Ferrari: A Champion’s View by Phil Hill
  7. Ferrari by Mailander by Karl Ludvigsen
  8. James Dean: From Passion for Speed to Immortality by Philippe Defechereux
  9. Inside the Paddock: Racing Car Transporters at Work by David Cross and Bjørn Kjer
  10. Liddypool by David Bedford
  11. Marcello Gandini: Maestro of Design Regular Edition by Gautam Sen
  12. Maserati 300S: First Edition by Walter Bäumer
  13. Riley: Old as the Industry by David Styles
  14. Rolls-Royce Drophead Coupé by Malcolm Tucker
  15. Rolls-Royce: The Post War Phantoms IV, V, VI by Martin Bennett
  16. Rust in Peace by Malcolm Tucker
  17. Saoutchik by Peter Larson and Ben Erickson
  18. Steve McQueen: A Tribute to the King of Cool by Marshall Terrill
  19. Steve McQueen: The Actor and His Films by Andrew Antoniades
  20. Steve McQueen: The Last Mile by Barbara McQueen and Marshall Terrill
  21. Talbot-Lago Grand Sport Regular Edition by Peter Larson and Ben Erickson. (Special Edition still available)
  22. The Classic Twin Cam Engine by Griffith Borgeson
  23. The Goodwood Phantom Drophead Coupe by Malcolm Tucker
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