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SadlerJohn Robert Wright started racing in 1970, but after an undistinguished record and running out of money, switched from racing to writing about the drivers, mechanics and builders in the sport.

Initially, John’s stories of Canadian drivers and cars were published in the Canadian publication ‘Old Autos’ in Bothwell, Ontario followed by the California-based magazine ‘Victory Lane’. From there, other publications published interviews John was doing at vintage events and things took off from there.

Today, John goes to vintage events around the country, including Mosport, Road America, Watkins Glen and the Laguna Seca tracks. He and his racing friends meet and talk about how fast they were… or not.

Photo: Bill Sadler and the author in the Sadler Mark II, Monterey, August 2005.

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Fast, Faster, Fastest: The Bill Sadler Story by John R. Wright Fast, Faster, Fastest:
The Bill Sadler Story
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John R. Wright

Written with the full cooperation of Bill Sadler before he passed away in early 2022, this book contains never-before-seen photographs and rarely heard stories from a man whose talent, like an iceberg, lay nine tenths below the surface.

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