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Philippe Grümmer, Gaston Grümmer’s youngest son, was born in Angers, France in 1942. After retiring from his work as a developer of shopping centres, he now occupies himself with writing and photography and as a freelance journalist with special interests in horses, hunting, carriages, cars, art and travel.

A few years ago, he discovered a trunk of magazines, pictures and records relating to his father’s work as a coachbuilder, and he recognised their significance in the history of the automobile. After writing several articles on the subject and seeing the possibility of a major book he approached the automobile historian Laurent Friry to write it with him. Philippe is a member of the Automobile Club de France where he is president of the Groupe de Cavaliers (Riders’ Club) and a member of the Historical Commission.

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Victor Morel and Antoine Joseph Grummer: Builders of Exceptional Carriages by Philippe-Gaston Grummer
with Jean-Louis Libourel and Laurent Friry Gaston Grümmer: The Art of Carrosserie by Philippe Grümmer and Laurent Friry
This book introduces the reader to many previously unpublished documents and illustrations of exceptional carriages and cars that were the pride of their owners both in France and overseas and describes their importance in the day-to-day life of Parisian high society. Philippe Gümmer, in association with Laurent Friry, takes us back to this glorious period during the "Roaring Twenties" and describes the bodies that Gaston Grümmer produced.