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The Mighty MG Magnettes of 33 Cover The Mighty MG Magnettes of 33
The Cars, The Drivers, The Mystery.
Graeme Cocks

Graeme Cocks searched archives in Europe, North America and Australia and spoke to dozens of people around the World to discover the story of the mighty MG Magnettes of 1933.

Our Price: $110.00

101 Automotive Jewels of India by Gautam Sen and Makarand Baokar 101 Automotive Jewels of India
Collector's Edition
Gautam Sen & Makarand Baokar

A book on the 101 most remarkable, rare and exciting automobiles in India. Within the covers of this book unfolds a journey of discovery of the most unusual, the best preserved and the most archetypical vehicles that survive in the country today.

Our Price: $125.00

Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera by Giovanni Bianchi Anderloni Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera
Giovanni Bianchi Anderloni

The important history of Touring is described in this new book by Giovanni Bianchi Anderloni.

Our Price: $290.00

Mille Miglia 1947-1956 - Orizzonte Perduto - Lost Horizon Leatherbound Edition by Carlo Dolcini Mille Miglia 1947-1956
Deluxe Leather Edition
Carlo Dolcini

There are 960 pages and 386 images (almost all unpublished) that highlight, as never before, the heart of the Mille Miglia.

Our Price: $435.00