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Andrew Nussbaum’s infatuation with cars began in childhood and has accelerated throughout his 52 years, to near obsession levels. At six-years-old, viewing “Smokey and the Bandit” inducted him into the proud flock of the Pontiac Firebird faithful, where the Trans Am became his first internal combustion love. Coming of age in Queens, NY, in the 1980s, other American performance cars like the Corvette, Camaro and Grand National filled his dreams with horsepower and his veins with octane. Andrew has owned and coveted several Pontiacs, including his lightly-modified 2002 WS6 Ram Air Trans Am that he has had since new.

In 2008 he applied his lifelong automotive aspirations and expressive skills to a new calling as a fledgling automotive journalist. He eventually found dream jobs, researching, writing, and photographing scores of short and long form articles for such magazines as: High-Performance Pontiac Magazine, GM-High-Tech Performance, GM-EFI.com, LSX Magazine and Street Muscle Magazine.com. Andrew is also a member of the Pontiac Oakland Club International (POCI) and has contributed numerous articles to its magazine. Smoke Signals.

In 2018 he wrote World War-V: A History of Cadillac’s V-Series Cars, for LSX Magazine.com . While toiling away on the story of these awesome American machines, a burning, patriotic fire ignited within him. One that would drive him to acquire his mint 2009 CTS-V sedan and foster the epiphany for his first book- Victory: A History of Cadillac’s V-Series, a project that would take three years to complete.

Andrew resides on Long Island with his wife Maria and son Luke.

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Victory Driven: Cadillac’s V-Series – Twenty Years of Velocity by Andrew Nussbaum Victory Driven: Cadillac V-Series – Twenty Years of Velocity
Andrew Nussbaum


Victory Driven: Cadillac V-Series – Twenty Years of Velocity
by Andrew Nussbaum

The 2004 model year carries supreme significance for Cadillac, General Motor’s luxury flagship division, marking the birth of its V-Series ultra-high-performance sub-brand. The V-Series was conceived and cultivated to challenge Germany’s long revered and dominant special variants by wielding the combined might of GM’s most advanced technologies in design, engineering, and racing prowess. Over the last 20 years, through the highest effort and with methodical execution, the V-series has garnered world-class and world-beating status by offering some of the fastest, best-handling and most dynamic road cars built. Victory Driven: Cadillac V-Series – Twenty Years of Velocity, stands as the only chronicle of these awe-inspiring machines, examining in meticulous detail, the origins and evolution of every model.

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