Muhammad Ali and Arnold Schwarzenegger.
By Al Satterwhite

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By Al Satterwhite.
Arnold Schwarzenegger does not seem to be comparable to Muhammad Ali on the surface. But look closer. Both Ali and Schwarzenegger came from nowhere to win titles. Both men were great physical specimens, but later became known for their wit, humanity and crowd-pleasing nature...not merely for their brawn. And, of course, both men became known as two of the greatest icons of their time. They did it largely because they were both able to overcome stereotypes and false perceptions. Photographer Al Satterwhite first met Muhammad Ali in 1970 at the 5th Street Gym in Miami Beach when he was assigned by Time, and later Life, to photograph him preparing for his fight with Joe Frazier.

Ali was young, brash, and eloquent. He came to know Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1976 when he spent time with him as he trained at Gold’s Gym, shooting trap and skeet up in the Santa Monica mountains, and just hanging out in Venice Beach. During this time, he came to understand what made them both champions. There was one simple explanation: it never occurred to them that they were not champions. This book vividly demonstrates the qualities of these two men in a series of candid black and white photographs, accompanied by short essays written by well-known sports commentators and writers, Roy Firestone and Robert Baum. Al Satterwhite began his photography career while in high school, shooting for the St Petersburg Times newspaper, and a few years later, he started freelancing and soon was traveling around the world working nonstop for magazine clients such as Life, Look, Time, Newsweek and Sports Illustrated.

In the 1970s he moved to Los Angeles to concentrate on advertising, and in 1980 relocated to New York City where he went on to shoot many award-winning print campaigns for national and international clients. In the 1990s, bored with advertising, he returned to Los Angeles to concentrate on shooting features. Satterwhite is a photo-journalist, an advertising photographer and a director/cameraman; he has won numerous national and international awards for his photographic images and his film work. While he is considered an authority on color and design, Titans gives the reader a rare look at his black and white photographs showing two men of strength and power on their path to achievement. Their stark beauty and boldness show what these men went through to attain their goals.

Author Biography

Al Satterwhite started working as a still photographer at a major daily newspaper in Florida (The St Petersburg Times) while in high school, covering major news stories in Florida and the Southeast. After a year as the Governor of Florida's personal photographer, he started a career as a freelance magazine photographer working out of Florida and Los Angeles. Over the next 10 years he worked on assignment for almost every major magazine (Automobile, Car & Driver, Fortune, Geo, Life, Look, Money, Newsweek, People, Playboy, Sports Illustrated, Time, Travel & Leisure, to name a few). In 1980 he moved to New York City to form his own production company and concentrate on advertising. More about Al Satterwhite

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