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A writer’s life can be solitary, often lled with doubts. About David Bedford’s new work, there is no doubt that this man, the pride of Liverpool, is about to share the most consummate of endeavors. It is more than who, what, when, where , and why. This FAB writer has the fab truth about every single person, every place, that played a role in the most profound cultural explosion of the twentieth century.

David Bedford’s work is more than just the Beatles. It is the vibrating, reverberating story of the grit and determination of the boys and girls from Liddypool and their legacy of greatness.

Larry Kane, author of Ticket To Ride, Lennon Revealed, and When They Were Boys

This adds a new dimension to the Beatles story because these interviews provide a much-needed insight into the Liverpool lives and the relationships enjoyed by John, Paul, George, Stuart, Pete and Ringo in those formative years.

A treasure chest of research and a visual delight, this will prove to be a work no Beatles fan should be without.

Bill Harry, Founder of Mersey Beat

Just when you think there can’t possibly be another book worth reading about the Beatles, along comes another. For many years I have joked that if everybody who claimed to have played for the Quarrymen and the Beatles was telling the truth, then the group would have been as big as the Liverpool Philharmonic!

How wrong was I! I just checked and there are only about 80 musicians in the Phil, but David Bedford has managed to reach a grand total of 104 for the Quarrymen/Beatles.

This book has quality as well as quantity.

The light has been shone in many corners of Beatle history – this is the first time that I have seen due credit being accorded to such names as Alan Williams, Cheniston Roland, Mona Best and to the Caribbean musicians of Liverpool 8. Even the legendary “Man on the ‑aming pie” is revealed as Beat poet Royston Ellis. David Bedford has excelled himself.

– Rod Davis, The Quarrymen