Phantom II Continental Regular Edition.
Andre Blaize

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By André Blaize.

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Content: The Phantom II Continental is one of the aristocrats of automobiles, rubbing shoulders with the likes of Mercedes SSKs, Bugatti T50s and Duesenberg Model Js. The history of every Phantom II Continental is described in these pages, supported by over 2,000 illustrations. The cars are shown at different periods of their lives: when new in the 1930s, in early post-war days, sometimes in derelict state and, fortunately more often, in glorious restored condition.

  • 1168 pages
  • 2114 images
  • 219mm x 304mm
  • Leather Bound ($1750), Regular Edition ($395)

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Leatherbound Edition: A full dark green New Zealand goatskin leather two-volume edition with raised spine bands in a hand made cloth slipcase, richly embossed by Dalton Watson Fine Books. The slipcase and two volumes will be further presented in a custom-made protective Solander box.

Some further details on the production are as follows. The goatskin is picked from hides arriving from New Zealand and only the best 20% is used for book binding. The hides are tanned in France before being shipped to the binder's agents. The Solander box was first created by Dr. Solander who traveled with Captain Cook recording the flora and fauna on his voyage and used the box for samples and drawings. The hand-made marble end papers are made by Jemma Lewis in her workshop in Chippenham, Wiltshire. She is using skills and techniques developed in England in Victorian times giving her papers a distinctly English flavour. The binding is by Ludlow Bookbinders in Shropshire, England.

A special author-signed dedication page is bound into each of these 20 books.


Author Biography

André Blaize was born in 1948 in Brittany, France. He was introduced to a couple of Silver Ghosts at the age of fourteen while holidaying in the UK and, since then, he has been a keen Rolls-Royce enthusiast.

After graduating from the Université de Basse-Normandie (Caen, France) with a Master of Arts Degree, he started a teaching career in 1972. At that time he was already compiling his massive Rolls-Royce database, which contains all the coachbuilt chassis and their histories.

In 1998, he wrote the French edition of Rolls-Royce: From the Dawn of the 20th Century into the New Millennium, with German photographer/author Klaus-Josef Roßfeldt, and has contributed to a number of Rolls-Royce books since.

For the past eight years, he has been one of the contributing editors to The Flying Lady (RROC USA) and to a number of other magazines.

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1 of 5 Good Book, but.. December 19, 2021
Reviewer: Joerg Huesken from Radebeul, Saxony Germany  
… Never again a book from Great Britain as mail order. Transport, Handling Charge, Custom Fee plus VAT.
No thanks. Willig to a bookstore in England next time or don’t buy British books anymore if I can’t get a visa in the next step of this bloody BREXIT!!!

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5 of 5 tour de force April 27, 2020
Reviewer: John Narvell from Scottsdale, AZ and London, UK  
What a collection!  a valuable reference that is also a joy just to browse.  Eye candy for the enthusiast and connoisseur.  The breadth of original design that has been modified, changed and enhanced over the decades is a wonder to investigate. The Phantom II Continental is a timeless investment that is a joy either for touring or for show.

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4 of 5 Comprehensive, definitive work on PII Continentals January 11, 2017
Reviewer: Neill Fraser from St Andrews, Fife United Kingdom  
There is little more to be said on the subject after this work by Andre Blaize. It supercedes Raymond Gentile's earlier work with a wealth of further detail and photos.

It would have earned 5 stars but for the fact that the portrait format of the two volumes means that important large side view photos are split over two pages and thus interrupted by the page break, making a proper appreciation of the design of the body almost impossible. A landscape format would have avoided this considerable drawback.

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5 of 5 Gushing Fan Letter March 4, 2016
Dear Andre,

Hope you are well. I just have to write you a gushing fan letter on your Phantom II Continental book published last year. I just finished all 1100+ pages of pure pleasure.

For too long, major works on historic cars have gone down two paths.

One path is what I might call the Cluttered Archival Pile. The book is crowded with period historical photos (sometimes pinched to postage stamp size), charts, technical sections and old literature, and lots of lists at the back. There's useful research, but the book is not an aesthetic treat, and takes some time to look up the cross references. Even though the reproductions are not great, and they take a magnifying glass to see the details, the armchair enthusiast has to be content that some pictures have been published of the rare cars at all...

Another approach is The Art Book. This book is loaded with large, gorgeous, well reproduced pictures, but it's skimpy on the research information. The layout and organization too, is according to artistic whim. This makes for a great armchair treat but is somewhat frustrating for the serious researcher.

Your book takes a third direction: why can't a research book have great beauty and lavish picture content and yet contain all the information a researcher would need, laid out in a logical fashion, chassis by chassis? Your book is a pure visual delight, and I enjoy the mixture of old and new, black and white and color pictures which not only tell the stories of the cars over the years but are so much fun to look at. Looking information up is such a pleasure with your book. The layout is logical, simple, and clean, and the text is not overloaded. I love that you added some information about the models of Continentals.

It's just a staggering amount of work and scholarship on your part, and I congratulate you for it. I think it instantly sets up a new high standard for books of this sort and a model to follow. For some time, chassis by chassis information and history has existed in drawers and archives, but not accessible to the public in a logical and complete picture form. You’ve done all Rolls-Royce enthusiasts a great service.

There's a crying need for more RR books like this, especially on the following:
1.The rest of the Phantom IIs (and a very fascinating and diverse bunch they are),
2.The New phantom or Phantom I (with or without the Springfield Phantoms),
and 3. The Silver Ghost.  It would be especially interesting to see what has happened to a lot of the original chassis seen in the Edwardian Rolls-Royce book archival pictures. Those three books would really round out my library. I wonder if you're working on any of these projects right now? I am here to cheer you on!

Once again, my heartiest congratulations!

All the best,
Scott Brown

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5 of 5 A Comprehensive, Informative Text with Great Pix February 20, 2016
Reviewer: John Silence is Golden  
op Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars
A Comprehensive, Informative Text with Great Photos:
By John Silence is Golden on January 23, 2016
Verified Purchase
Over time I have acquired and reviewed a number of these Dalton -Watson and Dalton publications including "The Rolls Royce Continental Phantom" {reviewed 1/5/14} "Rolls Royce in America" {reviewed 2/14/14}, "Bentley 50 Years of the Marque" {reviewed 3/4/2014}, " Those Elegant Rolls Royces" {reviewed 3/11/14}, "Aston Martin and Lagonda" {reviewed 3/28/14 } and "The Legendery Hispano Suiza" {reviewed 8/12/14. The superb quality of their photos, information, binding, dust jackets and glossy paper make them well worth their sometimes hefty price tags. "This Derby Phantoms' publication is to equal if not superior to any of the above mentioned titles.

The book highlights the Phantom I , Phantom II and Phantom III Models produced at the Derby Factory in Britain and does not include the
American produced vehicles from Springfield Mass {see the above "Rolls Royce in America"}. Together the "Phantom" series of RR's represents the final flowering of the RR tradition of high quality "Damm the Expense" Engine Design / Quality chassis and coachwork excellence highlighting when RR truly deserved its moniker as "The Best Car in the World".

The technical information is extensive including {for each model} RR sales brochure information, the model warranty, specifications and RR policy and inspection information. There are very detailed contemporary descriptions / specifications of the engine / chassis / transmission the special engineering features / details and road tests / trials and driving impressions for each marque conducted by automobile publications - "The AutoCar" and "The Motor". For every Phantom produced there is a listing of every every chassis #, with type of coachwork, the Coachbuilder, completion date and who was the original owner - an interesting cross-section of aristocrats, politicians, captains of industry and a slew of Indian Maharajahs and princes. There are over 540 photos displaying an astonishing variety of coachwork from all the great British coachbuilders with Hooper, Barker and Thrupp and Mabely being my particular favorites.

As one would expect from a publication of this quality these photos are superb - each with a brief description / information. The copy that I received thru the Amazon website was flawless . This book is an outstanding achievement - an informative , high quality production that is totally worthy of it subject and I give it an enthusiastic 5 star rating.

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