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Steve McQueen: In His Own Words by Marshall Terrill

Drawn from more than five decades of media coverage, memorabilia and detailed research, this coffee table book, STEVE McQUEEN In His Own Words (Dalton Watson Fine Books – June 17, 2020), serves up the most credible and thought-provoking insights ever spoken by Steve McQueen: more than 450 quotations directly from ‘The King of Cool.'

McQueen, the global superstar and box-office champion of the 1960s and 1970s, remains an enduring mythical figure of alpha-male coolness and has left behind a body of work that only a few will ever attain in motion picture history. His hell-bent-for-leather take on life and pitch-perfect performances are legendary and he is arguably more popular in death than he ever was in life. Surprisingly, the laconic actor who was known for his economy of words had plenty to say in real life. During his lifetime he spoke freely regarding topics such as fame, cinema, money, sex, racing, popular culture, and a forward thinking approach on the environment.

“Steve McQueen’s formal education may have ended when he was in the ninth grade, but he outsmarted every movie executive in Hollywood with his Ph. D from the streets,” said author Marshall Terrill, who has spent two decades compiling this work. “He had received a worldly education that only fame could teach, and he was a willing pupil. I believe people will be very surprised by his world view and how keen and informed McQueen was on a variety of issues and topics.”

In STEVE MCQUEEN In His Own Words, we hear directly from McQueen through the widest array of sources: interviews, published articles, personal letters and audiotapes, creating the most intimate picture yet available of McQueen as an actor, filmmaker, racer, pilot, husband and family man in his own words and his own perspective. The portrait that emerges is not a saint, not a sinner, nor a martyr, but a complex, contradictory man who became one of the greatest icons of cinema.

Accompanying the 450+ quotes are more than 500 photos, illustrations, personal documents and memorabilia, many of which are seen here for the first time. They illustrate McQueen’s early life and movie career, as well as his passion for automobiles, motorcycles and antique planes.

STEVE MCQUEEN In His Own Words, set for a June 2020 release, is the perfect gift for Father’s Day or reference item for everyone interested in this American original. Author Marshall Terrill is a film, sports and music writer and the author of more than two dozen books, including best-selling biographies of Steve McQueen, Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash and Pete Maravich.