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Speedreaders Review
June, 2015

Sports Car Racing in the South: Texas to Florida, 1961–1962

by Willem Oosthoek with Photography by Bob Jackson

“The national press of the period often ignored Southern events. Even the Sports Car Club of America, the primary sanctioning body for amateur road racing, fell short and reported on few Southern races in Sports Car, its own monthly magazine. Today, the SCCA archives of what can be considered the Golden Age of sports car competition are non-existent. As a result the subject has become a virtual black hole in the history of motor racing.”

It is said that all good things must come to an end (and come in threes), which means that we should truly appreciate this third and latest volume of Oosthoek’s Sports Car Racing in the South: Texas to Florida, which covers the years 1961 and 1962. The trilogy represents a Herculean feat of research, and that the subject matter falls well outside the usual scope of topics under the heading of automotive competition history makes the effort all the more laudable. However, even as dogged a researcher as Oosthoek now says in the Preface that there are finite limits to what can be sifted and sorted from what is a very diminished archival database. READ MORE...

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Sept/Oct 2015

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