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By Malcolm Tucker By Ray Gentile By Scott Brown
VSCC Bulletin Review
Autumn, 2015

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Classic and Sportscar Review
Autumn, 2015

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Octane Review
November, 2015

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Rolls-Royce Phantom II Continental
Review By Malcolm Tucker

This is an epic book of epic proportions, divided into two volumes totalling 1,168 219mm x304mm pages; it comes in a handy slipcase.

Author André Blaize is one of the most knowledgeable aficionados of coachwork on Rolls-Royce motor cars. He started amassing information on the subject ca 1965 and it is the knowledge gained from those fifty years that has made this definitive work possible. // READ MORE

Rolls-Royce Phantom II Continental
Review by Ray Gentile

Dalton Watson has done another splendid job with their latest publication, Rolls-Royce Phantom II Continental. The issue comes in two separate volumes with a total of 1,168 pages which, in addition to extensive details of every Continental chassis, has a plethora of 2,114 photos of the cars. One might wonder how much more can be written about only 279 derivatives of a single chassis type, but André Blaize, the author, has given the reader every possible vestige of information that anyone, anywhere might want. // READ MORE

Society of Automotive Historians Journal
November/December 2015

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Review by Scott Brown
March, 2016

Dear André,

Hope you are well. I just have to write you a gushing fan letter on your Phantom II Continental book published last year. I just finished all 1100+ pages of pure pleasure.

For too long, major works on historic cars have gone down two paths.

One path is what I might call the Cluttered Archival Pile. The book is crowded with period historical photos (sometimes pinched to postage stamp size), charts, technical sections and old literature, and lots of lists at the back. There’s useful research, but the book is not an aesthetic treat, and takes some time to look up the cross references. Even though the reproductions are not great, and they take a magnifying glass to see the details, the armchair enthusiast has to be content that some pictures have been published of the rare cars at all... // READ MORE